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Setting the record straight – Daniel Wade’s three wives and the DAR records

I was so thrilled and excited to find out yesterday that the supplemental application I prepared for the DAR last year was vetted and approved by their genealogists! To correct the mistake of previous applicants, I had to gather proof documents … Continue reading

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Harvey M. Dixon update

I wanted to check in with you again because it has been four months since I posted the Dixon/Lewis connection. Here’s an update: I wrote to three living descendants of Jacob/Harvey through his son George. Coincidentally, they all live in … Continue reading

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Road Trip 2011

I was excited to take another extended road trip, not only to enjoy the company of my parents on an adventure together, but to make research stops at some of the areas that have turned up in the past couple … Continue reading

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New Ancestors: Magdalena Whitehead, James Jones and Joanna Meeker

The beautiful thing about genealogy is that, aside from all the hard work and fun of following clues in the records, every once in a while the genealogy goddess looks down upon you and smiles. Or more precisely, some complete … Continue reading

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Caleb and Joanna (Wade) Lewis musings

Caleb Lewis (1790-1856) is one of our genealogical brick walls. While he left a nice paper trail during his life, we have yet to discover the names of his parents. He first appears in census records in 1820, living in Stafford, Genesee County, … Continue reading

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