Roswell Parrish, my patriot ancestor (one of them, at least)

Just received my official notification from the D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution). I’m in!

I am so happy that Roswell Parrish is now on the rolls of Patriot Ancestors for the D.A.R. With my application in July, I sent in proof of his existence, his service record, and my direct line back to him. It was a time-consuming but fun project to collect “proof” for every generational link. The bonus for me was that in the organization’s 120-year history, no one had ever entered the D.A.R. through his service.

Next, I’m going to gather my documents for proving my line back to Joseph Feurt. Joseph is already on the rolls, but only through two of his sons, not through his daughter Mary (Feurt) Reeves, which is my line. After that, I’m going for Alexander Eastlick. There are a few members in the D.A.R. through Alexander’s service, too, but not through his son Jacob yet. I like being the first! 

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  1. Fran Lewis says:

    You ARE the first in so many ways! Congratulations on documenting Roswell Parrish. You will add a lot of additional documentation to the DAR records. And you enjoy it so much!

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