Thanks for visiting my blog. My goal is not to leave a detailed list of names and dates… please see my family tree on Ancestry.com for that. Here I want to talk about the process of finding out about these ancestors of mine. As I find out more about them, they come alive to me. I hope to share with you some of the exciting twists and turns along my path of research. Feel free to contact me at leslie.irene.lewis@gmail.com if you find a match with your family, or if you would like copies of original photos or documents that I have collected over the past 38 years.

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  1. Linda S Means says:

    Leslie, I am still looking for Eastlicks, but have spent the entire evening just reading your blog. I has been great. I can almost see what you described. I have photos of the burial site for the Crawford PA branch of the Eastlicks. Let me know and I will email them to you. Keep searching…. I appreciate your work.


  2. Beverly says:

    In the process of doing some additional research on the Reeves’ families of Mason and Fleming Counties in Kentucky for the Reeves Project (www.thereevesproject.org) I found your blog and was thrilled to see the results of your research of your Reeves’ ancestor.

    Thomas was listed among the heirs of Elijah Reeves in a Fleming County KY deed which also indicated he was at that time living in Ohio but not much more information was available. When I found your research, it filled in all the missing pieces of the puzzle. Elijah’s page at The Reeves Project is at http://thereevesproject.org/data/tiki-index.php?page=Reeves_Elijah_3790.

    Thanks for sharing such great, well documented, research.

  3. Stephanie Thompson says:

    Dear Leslie,
    My brother, Dean Easlick, recently sent you an email. I was not aware of your blog, but I would like to subscribe to it. Thank you for all your hard work. I am working on our Easlick genealogy (as well as other family names) at ancestry.com. I am way behind you, though. I hope to get an accurate account of my family into the past. thank you for being there.
    Sincerely yours,
    Stephanie Anne Easlick Thompson
    Sister of Dean Easlick, Daughter of Kendall Lewis Easlick and Sylvia Kundinger Easlick Oeschger

  4. Nancy Whittecar Smith says:

    Hi Leslie, As I was looking up my ancestors on the Web, I came across your blog. My grandmother Lucy E. Tovey Wilson was the daughter of John Tovey and Minnie Goodykoontz Tovey. My mother, Lola B. Wilson Whittecar was the oldest of Lucy and Jesse Wilson’s 5 children. The other children were Lucy Esther Wilson Maxwell, Mary Wilson Buetner (? don’t remember her 2nd husbands last name), and John Dorchester Wilson. A daughter, Margaret, died in infancy. My mother, Lola, passed away in 1965 at the age of 56. She was married to Dale R. Whittecar. There were 9 children in our family. Faye Marie Whittecar Messer (died 6/29/13 in Rapid City, SD), Ruth Ann Whittecar Goepfert McCormick, Tommy Allen Whittecar (died 6/23/11 in Rapid City, SD), Judy Kay Whittecar Webb, William Lee Whittecar (died in 7/64 auto accident in Rapid City, SD), Barbara Jean Whittecar Espedal (died 12/31/03 in Peoria, IL), Margaret Lou Whittecar Hall, Nancy Carol Whittecar Smith, and Douglas Dale Whittecar. John and Minnie eventually moved to White Lake South Dakota. They were among the earlier settlers of White Lake. A memorial has been erected in WL and you will find them listed on this. Please feel free to contact me.

  5. Christine Ranger says:

    I have been doing research on my tree since at least 1996 off and on. For a very long time I was stuck at my grandfather’s parents. I was always told his mother’s name was Bertha Weeks, but I made a break through and found out her last name was actually WADE. Her sister had married a Weeks. I am trying to find a connection with the Wades as it seems some of my tree is not correct. I stumbled on to you blog and I have to say it is like a kid in a candy store. I have no clue where to start with the reading as I am very excited to find more clues. I have found other Wades on Ancestry.com and I am on there as well. I hope it is ok to send you an invite. I look forward to learning more and finding the right connections to my Wades. On the Wades from Farmersville, NY, I have met a woman who still lives on the farm the Wades owned there. She can get me anything info needed on the Wades or anyone else that was in Farmersville, NY.

  6. Bart McDonald says:

    Hi, just saw your reply to a message from 2002 about Philo Fowler McDonald. i have a family tree somewhere and will find it and let you know.

  7. Kim St John says:

    My mother is Myran Henry(Crossley). Her father was Cloyd J Crossley and mother Eula J Eastlick. My mom was told as a child that she had Native American roots on both sides of the family but i can’t find any. Can you help?

  8. Elizabeth Prosser says:


    This is very fine work. My interest: Starkweathers. I am tracking Keziah probable child of Elijah, a brother of Nathan and therefore a first cousin to your Asher. Keziah with her husband lived in Herkimer County a little before Asher’s Bible is dated. By chance, are there family members OTHER than Asher’s direct line mentioned in his Bible? I have three children with dates but not names; you understand my interest. Thank you!!

  9. joan feriante says:

    is this still active? xox Joan

    • Leslie says:

      Hi, Joan, yes still active; I’m just not as good about adding new blog posts! Hope to get back at it soon. Want to let everyone know about my recent acquisition of the J. C. Spencer Family Bible!

  10. John Goodykoontz says:

    Hi Leslie. I enjoyed reading your piece on Jacob Goodykoontz, who is also my ancestor.

  11. Liz Post says:

    Hi, Leslie, I am the gal who wrote to you in 2016 on Ancestry.com Message Center trying to connect Julia Eastlick Post on my paternal line to John Eastlick and ultimately to Alexander Eastlick for additional DAR Patriots. I am still trying to find documentation/proof, but I have decided to go ahead with a DAR supplemental using the US Census 1810 and 1820 and an argument that Julia is one of the elder sisters on those records, to see if they accept.

    While researching this morning, I came across your Leslie Lewis blog once again. As I was reading through some of your interesting stories, I realize that you have both Carr and Starkweather in your list of surnames. I can trace my Maternal line (Beck-Warner Family Tree) to Esek Carr (1738 – 1819) and Robert Starkweather (1728 – 1819). I have been able to connect my maternal line and paternal line on several ancestors. So far, I have about 1/2 dozen that intersect. It seems that my Warner ancestors (maternal) and my Post ancestors (paternal) settled in the New World about the same time and in close proximity to each other.

    Best Wishes to you and please continue your research and writing. I am particularly interested in the story of how you obtained your family bibles.

  12. Gary T Whitehead says:

    Hello Leslie,
    You may remember the connection we made a few years ago regarding Magdalena Whitehead and I am wondering if you know anything about Johnathan Lewis, son of Jemima Lewis (nee Whitehead) ?? Here is what I have,
    Jonathan Lewis
    Father’s 2nd cousin 7 times removed
    Birth: May 1 1688 – Huntington, Suffolk, New York
    Death: May 11 1764 – Richmond, New York
    Mother: Jemima Lewis (born Whitehead)

    and a reference
    The Boston Transcript – Aug 31 1914
    Text: “28, 1707, first wife unknown. John was son of Jonathan Lewis, horn May 1, 1688, wife unknown. He was eldest son of Jonathan Lewis, Sr., died Aug. 8, 1708, married…”

    I will also note that in the 1800’s Lewis was a common first name for Philadelphia Whiteheads that I might be related to.

    Best Regards, and happy coming Holidays,
    G. Travis Whitehead

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