Jacob Eastlick letter to sons Mahlon and Lafayette, 1869

Transcript of a Letter from Jacob Eastlick of Bureau Co, IL to sons Mahlon and Lafayette Eastlick in Siskiyou Co, CA. The original spelling and punctuation have been retained. Unreadable portions have been marked as [  ]. A big thank you to cousin Janet for sharing this wonderful family document!

Greenville January the 20 1869

Well Mahlon and Lafayette I will write a few lines to you to let you know that we are all well at present and hope these few lines may find you the same we received a letter from you dated in December and was glad to hear from you you stated that you would come home next summer and make us a viset but that will cost you quite a pile of money but do as you think best we would all like to see you verry much but you can see what it will cost you wether it will brake you up or not but if you are comming home this next summer let me know for certain if you are commen home I will stay at home this summer I taulk of going to minessorta this summer and stay with Alexander awhile and pay back a viset he [unreadable] Alexander [   ] here last march and worked my farm and raised good crops of wheat corn and oats and went back home in September I tryed to have him stay another year but he likes missota he sais [so] much better that I could not purswaid him to stay Wallace lives by me and will work my farm this summer I expect if nothing happens he is not verry rugged nor has not been sience he left the army but he will do all he can [unreadable] left here land is a high price from twenty five to fifty 50 per acor and taxes is high is from forty to fifty dollars a year and the way I have to rent I have hard work to make both ends meet your mother still dose her hose work but she is gitting ould as fast as I be She sais she would like to have you come home if it would not cost to much

A few to Lafayette Eastlick

Now a bout your cows that you left here I have them yet and their increas except two steers that I sole wich would leve ten four cows and two two year old and four one year old now if you are comming home this next summer I will keep them untell you come home but if you donot come this summer tell me what to doe with them your plow and harrow is about wore out but I are good for them tell Willard that he has some steers here and tell frances that she has got some heffers and that old prince can catch a rabbet yet that if he was here that he and I would go and cetch a rabbet or a possum now a bout peter Stryker he has sole out and went to minissota and bought a quirter section of land joining Alexander on the south and he thinks it is the best country that he has ever seen I want you to [  ] writing better for my eyes fails me so much that I cannot see the lines I will tell you about your brothers and sisters familys E.B. has got seven children and Sylvest. has eight Walles has two Mary Ann Sells has seven Lurinda has eight Cordelia has nine boys Mike and Hellen has seven Jane has four well I will leve of for this time and say to you to write as soon as you git this and let me know how you git along and wether you will come home this summer or not and write all the news that is going [  ] at present

Wallace will write some on the other side
Jacob Eastlick and
Hannah Eastlick

One page of Jacob Eastlick's letter, 1869


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