A 30-year error in our Swedish roots corrected!

One of the nicest things about genealogy is the wonderful people you correspond with. Such a person saw an error in my online tree (Ancestry.com) and took the time not only to point out my mistake, but to hook me up with record images that proved her case. This is a true genealogical act of kindness!
I found out last week that I have had some incorrect information in our family tree since 1982. At that time, 30 years ago, I had written a request for and received information from the archives at Lund in Sweden. Remember those days, when we wrote snail mail letters and waited in great anticipation for the reply to arrive in our mailbox?
I was seeking the parents of my great-great grandfather, Pehr Pehrsson from Farstorp parish, Kristianstad lan, Sweden. The archivist reported back to me that she found a Pehr Pehrsson born June 6, 1824 in Farstorp, but not one born June 6, 1830. She then told me the names of his parents and that this was the Pehr who married Elna Troedsdotter at Farstorp in 1857.
I had seen the 1830 birthdate on his headstone in Swedeburg, Nebraska (below), but thought it must have been a mistake, as certainly the Swedish archivist would know the truth, right?
Person, Per and Elna gravestone, Swedeburg NE, photo 1983
Well, last week I was contacted by a person on Ancestry who pointed out how the Swedish records connect me to a younger Pehr, born June 6, 1830 in Norra Akarp, and not the Pehr born in Farstorp in 1824 (her ancestor). The archivist must not have seen my Pehr in the Farstorp records because he was not born in Farstorp, but rather in Norra Akarp. Logical mistake.
This wonderful person even sent me links to the birth and marriage records, in Swedish, and the “household examination” records which are much like our census records… only BETTER because they include each person’s exact place and date of birth.
Long story short, I now have the correct Per Person (Swedish spelling Pehr Pehrsson) with the correct birthdate: June 6, 1830, born in Norra Akarp, Kristianstad, Sweden. And now I have the correct parents of our Pehr: He was the son of Pehr Nilsson and Kjersti Pehrsdotter of Norra Akarp, who married on Dec. 15, 1814 in Norra Akarp.
Thanks, Cajsa!!
Kristianstad Län, Farstorp, Household examination, 1861-1869 Pehr and Elna family household
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