Starkweather Family Bible

Over the Christmas holiday, a message arrived through, announcing that an old Starkweather family Bible was being offered for sale on eBay. The writer explained that his hobby is matching up auction listings with people who have those same family names in their online trees, who might not otherwise know of the sale. He does not have a financial stake in the listings, only an interest in finding homes for these genealogical treasures. Not only did he notify potential relatives, he also saved the listing photos of the Bible and even took the time to transcribe all the birth, marriage and death records he could read from those same photos. 

The Bible was published in 1826 and had belonged to William and Abigail (Post) Starkweather of Herkimer County, New York. William was a son of Asher and Olive (Preston) Starkweather. Asher was a brother of my ancestor, Anna (Starkweather) Parrish. 

I couldn’t resist!! I had to buy it. It was a rather impulsive decision, but I couldn’t stand to see this family treasure slip away.

Of course I was and am very grateful to the man who alerted me to the sale, thereby committing an act of genealogical kindness, and told him so. It gave him great pleasure to know the Bible ended up in a Starkweather family, and that I was so excited about it!

Look for Starkweather family Bible photos soon on my “Lewis/Eastlick Family Tree” on

Starkweather Bible

Starkweather Bible records

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