Cassie Eastlick’s Autograph Album

Cassie (Eastlick) Quigley (1872-1964) was the youngest sister of my great-grandfather Willard Eastlick. Their parents, Lafayette and Sarah (Preston) Eastlick had married in Bureau County, Illinois and started a family there. In 1863 they moved west with their first two children, Willard and Fannie (Frances). Their next three children were born in California: Lenna, Edrick and Cassie, the youngest. All five of the Eastlick siblings grew to adulthood, married, and had children of their own. Cassie married Frank Quigley and together they had three daughters, Hazel, Frances and Ethel. All three of the daughters married, but there were no grandchildren that survived.

In March of 1883, when Cassie was almost eleven years old, her cousin Wellington B. Eastlick gave her a gift of a small autograph album with blank pages to be filled with the signatures and remarks of friends and relatives. If you glance through the pages of the album you can see the names and autographs of many Eastlick cousins, and its historical value begins to emerge. The poetry is sometimes silly, sometimes sincere, sometimes touching, but the idea that this little book was held and signed by so many of our relatives is awesome. As I transcribed names and dates and places contained on those pages, I could piece together a time-line of travels by Cassie and her family back to Illinois and Iowa to visit relatives in October and November of 1886.

Here is a list of the people who signed Cassie’s album, with dates and locations where given. Maybe you can find one of your ancestors!


Arranged chronologically by date of signatures

 NAME           [BIRTH-DEATH]       DATE SIGNED        LOCATION        RELATIONSHIP       

Wellington B. Eastlick [1850-1923], 3 March 1883, Oro Fino CA, 1st cousin, s/o Edward B. Eastlick

Fannie Butler [Frances (Eastlick) Butler, 1862-1948], 3 March 1883, Oro Fino CA, sister

G. D. Butler [George Butler, 1850-1910], 4 March 1883, bro-in-law

Lenna Eastlick [1865-1954], 4 March 1883, Oro Fino CA, sister

Willard Eastlick [1859-1946], 5 March 1883, brother

Edrick Eastlick [1868-1948], 5 March 1883, brother

Philip, 8 May 1883                                          

Aunt Abbie [Abigail (Vaughan) Eastlick, 1853-1933], 5 June 1883, aunt, w/o Mahlon D. Eastlick

Hattie Vaughan, 5 June 1883, Oro Fino CA    

M. D. E. [Mahlon Eastlick, 1832-1908], 11 June 188?, Seattle, W. T., uncle

Fannie Wilson, 20 Oct 1883, Oro Fino CA    

John Edward Eastlick [1869-1917], 15 Feb 1884, 1st cousin, s/o William Wallace Eastlick

Grant Lewis [1870-1960], 28 Feb 1884                                         

Mary O. Eastlick [Mary Ozella Eastlick, 1866-1890, Mrs. John Pitz], 1st cousin, d/o William Wallace Eastlick

John Pitz [1860-1899, who married Cassie’s 1st cousin, Mary O. Eastlick in 1884]

Lodemia Sampson [1870-1897], 14 Jan 1885, Oro Fino CA    

[Lodemia married Frank Quigley in 1892. After her death, Frank married Cassie Eastlick, in 1903]

Gay Conner [1872-1933], 15 Jan 1885, Oro Fino CA, sister of Willard Eastlick’s wife Creet     

Mary E. Starr [1872-1952], 15 Jan 1885, Oro Fino CA, later married to Hiram Whipple, s/o Cordelia (Eastlick) Whipple

Emma Smith, 15 Jan 1885, Independent Flat, Sisk. Co

Mattie Sampson [b. 1872, sister of Lodemia Sampson], 16 Jan 1886, Oro Fino CA    

Cassie Eastlick [1872-1964], 6 March 1886, Oro Fino CA    

J. Herbert Lette, 12 Oct 1886, Webster City, Wright County, IA      

J. D. Floyd, 12 Oct 1886, Eagle Grove, Wright County, IA

May Delany, 12 Oct 1886, Eagle Grove, Wright County, IA

J. D. Stryker [Jeremiah D. Stryker, 1849-1918], Woolstock, Wright County, IA, 2nd cousin, grandson of Frances [Eastlick] Stryker

Helen E. Whipple [Helen (Eastlick) Whipple, 1830-1909], Walnut, Bureau County, IL, aunt, sister of Cassie’s father

M. G. Whipple [Michael Grant Whipple, 1863-1949], 17 Oct 1886, Walnut, Bureau County, IL, 1st cousin, s/o Helen (Eastlick) Whipple

D. W. Whipple [David Wilson Whipple, 1861-1937], 24 Oct 1886, 1st cousin, s/o Cordelia (Eastlick) Whipple

Jefferson D. Whipple [1863-1949], 1 Nov 1886, New Bedford IL, 1st cousin, s/o Cordelia (Eastlick) Whipple

Lottie Whipple [Charlotte Whipple, 1870-1940], 1 Nov 1886, 1st cousin, d/o Cordelia (Eastlick) Whipple

Lafayett Whipple [1864-1936], New Bedford, Illinois, 1st cousin, s/o Cordelia (Eastlick) Whipple

Frank Angle [b. ca. 1875], New Bedford, IL, 1st cousin, once removed [s/o Sarah (Sells) Angle, grandson of Mary Ann (Eastlick) Sells]

Grant Whipple [Michael Grant Whipple, 1863-1949], 21 Nov 1886, Walnut, Bureau Co, IL, 1st cousin, s/o Helen (Eastlick) Whipple

Liss Bowen [Melissa (Whipple) Bowen, 1856-1893], 21 Nov 1886, 1st cousin, d/o Helen (Eastlick) Whipple

Mary Whipple [Mary Ann Whipple, 1861-1898], 21 Nov 1886, Walnut, Bureau Co, IL, 1st cousin, d/o Helen (Eastlick) Whipple

Carrie Maxfield, 21 Nov 1886, Prophetstown, IL                      

Harvey M. Preston [1845-1931], 22 Nov 1886, Walnut, Bureau Co, IL, uncle, b/o Cassie’s mother, Sarah (Preston) Eastlick

Martha Preston [Martha [Bowen] Preston, ca. 1850-1911], 22 Nov 1886, aunt, w/o Harvey Preston

Alberta Preston [b. ca. 1874], 22 Nov 1886, 1st cousin, d/o Harvey Preston

Luretta Rose [Luretta J. “Ettie” (Eastlick) Rose, b. 1858], 1st cousin, d/o Sylvester Eastlick

Etta Stryker [probably Marietta Stryker, b. ca. 1864], 1st cousin, once-removed, [d/o William Stryker, granddaughter of Frances (Eastlick) Stryker]

E. P. Eastlick, 23 July 1889, brother

Grace Wilcox [Belvena Grace Wilcox, 1874-1935], 1st cousin once-removed, granddaughter of Edward B. Eastlick [Grace married Cassie’s brother Edrick P. Eastlick in 1899]

J. S. Whipple [James S. Whipple, 1870-1890], 1890, 1st cousin, s/o Helen (Eastlick) Whipple

J. F. Whipple [John Franklin Whipple, 1867-1931], 1st cousin, s/o Helen (Eastlick) Whipple

Mattie Eastlick [Martha Ann (Cox) Eastlick, 1864-1949], 6 Sept, Cloverdale, CA, w/o 1st cousin Almond D. Eastlick, s/o Edward B. Eastlick

Della Bowen [1877-1902], 1st cousin, once-removed [d/o Melissa (Whipple) Bowen, granddaughter of Helen (Eastlick) Whipple. Della married William Wescoat, son of Phebe (Dutcher) Eastlick Wescoat]

Alice Hall [Alice (Eastlick) Hall, b. 1854], 1st cousin, d/o Sylvester Eastlick

Norah Butler [1884-1971], niece, d/o Frances (Eastlick) Butler


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