Samuel R. Young of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa and Kansas

SAMUEL R. YOUNG was born in Pennsylvania around 1800. We do not know who his parents were, but they may have resided in Beaver County, PA, where Samuel was married to ANN WYLIE in about 1827. Later census records indicate the birthplaces of their children, so we know they lived in Pennsylvania until the 1830s, and then moved to Ohio. The Samuel R. Young family appears on the 1840 Federal Census in McArthur Township, Logan County, Ohio: 

Male 40-50, Female 30-40, Female 10-15, Two Females 5-10, Male 5-10

Samuel’s wife, Ann (Anna), died and was buried in the Northwood Cemetery, McArthur Township, Logan County, OH. Her headstone indicates that she died on 27 Dec 1843, aged 37 years, 3 months and 5 days. Her parents, John and Elizabeth Wylie, had moved from Beaver County PA to Logan County OH by 1840, as did Samuel and Ann Young. John Wylie’s will was written in October 1845, naming his grandchildren, “Eliza Jane Young and Margery An Young Nancey Young and Mary Young, Heres (heirs) of Samuel R Young and Ann Young deceased wife of Samuel R Young.”

When the Federal Census takers came around on 30 July 1850, Samuel and three daughters were living in Richland Township, Logan County, Ohio. Also listed was an infant boy (Nancy’s son, based on later census records). Daughter Margaret was not living at home, but a daughter Mary had been born since the previous census (about two years before her mother’s death). The son listed in 1840 had likely died, since he was not mentioned in John Wylie’s will (or perhaps it was not a son at all but another child living with the Youngs in 1840).

Sam’l R. Young, 50, M, farmer, $550 property, born PA
Eliza J. Young, 22, F, born PA
Nancy Young, 19, F, born PA
Mary Young, 9, F, born OH, in school
Jno T. Young, 8/12, M, born OH

Also in Logan County, Ohio, enumerated on 25 July 1850, was the other daughter, Margaret A. Young. The head of the household was Campbell F. Hynman with his wife and children, but many other unrelated individuals were residing in what appears to be a hotel in Richland Township, District No. 87:

Margaret A. Young, 19, F, born PA

Daughter Eliza J. Young (Elizabeth J. Young) married Ephraim Leasure in Logan County, Ohio on 24 October 1850. They moved to Illinois soon after that, as indicated by their children’s birthplaces on subsequent census records, all four children being born in Illinois from 1852 to 1857. At least one child, Margaret A. Leasure, was born in Kane County, IL, according to her obituary.

Eliza’s sister, Margaret A. Young married Denton Leasure in Kane County, Illinois on 11 January 1853. So it appears that sisters Eliza and Margaret were both living in Kane County during the 1850s.

In about 1854, Samuel and his two unmarried daughters, Nancy and Mary, moved from Ohio to Iowa. They were enumerated in Washington Township, Washington County, Iowa on 18 July 1856, when a state census was taken. It indicated that Samuel had lived in Iowa for two years by that time.

Samuel R. Young, 56, M, Widowed, Farmer, born PA, owns land
Nancy Young, 23, F, born PA
Mary Young, 15, F, born OH
John T. Young, 6, M, born OH

Samuel sold a parcel of land in Washington County, Iowa, for $100.00 as reflected in a deed signed 15 May 1858. The parcel was described in Land Mortgage Book D as “the North East quarter of the North East quarter of Section No. twenty seven (27) in Township No. seventy five (75) North of Range No. Seven west.” Even though he sold land, however, Samuel Young and family remained in Washington County, IA for several more years. The 1860 Federal Census found them in Washington Twp., Washington County, Iowa on 14 July 1860:

Sam’l R. Young, 60, M, farmer, born PA
Nancy Young, 28, F, born PA
John T. Young, 10, M, born OH
Fred Paybugh, 36 , M, born Baden

Also in Washington Twp., Washington County, IA on 14 July 1860 lived the sisters Eliza and Margaret, next door to each other. Ephraim Leasure was gone by this time. Was he dead? Were they divorced?

Denton Lasure, 36, M, farmer, born PA
Margaret A., 30, F, born PA
Mary E., 4, F, born IL
John H., 2, M, born IL
Sam’l R., 8m, M, born IA
Eliza J. Lasure, 32, F, domestic, born PA
Sam’l G., 8, M, born IL
Wm H., 7, M, born IL
Margaret A., 5, F, born IL
Martha A., 3, F, born IL

By 1870, Samuel R. Young was still living in Washington County IA (14 July 1870), but had three more of his grandchildren living with him. They were children of Margaret (Young) Leasure, who had apparently died by 1870:

Young, Sam’l R., 71, M, W, farmer, 1400, 250, born PA
—, Nancy, 37, F, W, keeping house, born PA
—, Theadore, 20, M, W, farmer, born OH
Leasure, Mary, 15, F, W, born  IL
—, John, 12, M, W, born IL
—, Samuel, 10, M, W, born IA

Margaret’s widower, Denton Leasure had remarried and was living in Richland Township, Logan County, OH (enumerated 16 June 1870). They had a son James at home and a girl who was likely his wife’s by a previous marriage:

Leasure Denton, 46, M, W, works on farm, born PA
Leasure Nancy, 40, F, W, housekeeping, born OH
Leasure James, 1, M, W, born OH
Hughes Allie, 12, F, W, at home, born IN

Within a few years, Samuel R. Young moved to Jewell County, Kansas. He and some family members first appeared on a county census record there in 1874, the first year county census records were kept for Jewell County. His daughter, Nancy Young, along with her son John Theodore Young, were there, and also the Leasure grandchildren, Mary, John and Samuel.

Samuel Young died on 11 September 1876 and was buried in Shaffer Union Cemetery, Section 22, Harrison Township, Jewell County, Kansas. Pete and I visited his gravesite in 2002 and by then his stone was broken and laying flat to the ground.

John T. Young was committed to Kansas State Asylum on 31 October 1879. Eliza J. Leasure was committed to the Asylum in Topeka, Kansas on 19 June 1888, and died there on 7 December 1889. Nancy Young died around 1888, probably in Jewell County, KS.

In the late 1890s, a legal matter generated records in Jewell County, KS, as members of the Young and Leasure families attempted to settle ownership of Nancy Young’s land in that county. After her son’s death, her nieces and nephews were her only heirs. The paper trail left by the court documents was quite helpful in understanding relationships between the various members of the family.

Leslie Lewis, 4 October 2008

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