Will the REAL Joseph Crouch please stand up?

This dispatch comes about due to a new Crouch cousin contacting me recently after seeing my info and photos on Find a Grave. She has been working on her branch of the Crouch family for several years and has gone into DNA testing in a big way, just like me and my family. She is hoping we can work together to trace these elusive Crouches back to find our common ancestors and beyond.

Since she wrote me a week ago I have been burning up the internet trying to push our line back before Joseph Crouch and Margaret McCall. I thought I had hit the jackpot the other day when I found Joseph’s pension file for service in the War of 1812 on Fold3.com. It contained 211 pages of wonderful information. I was so excited, I updated my Family Tree Maker (still using it, thanks to MacKiev’s 2014.1 version)!

But it turns out I was a little hasty.

Let me explain….
In the 1990s when I was corresponding with Glenn Crouch and Charles Lilly (both now deceased), I was told that our Joseph Crouch had married three times:

1) Margaret McCall (by whom he had his children) in 1804, Ross Co OH
2) Jerusha DeHart in 1829, Tippecanoe Co, IN
3) Margaret Latimer in 1855, Tippecanoe Co, IN

I’m sure many of you have this same information.

So all these years, I have assumed this information was correct. NOW, after spending several hours downloading and studying all the pages of this fascinating (and heartbreaking) pension file, I began to be suspicious that something was amiss.

First, the ages of pensioner Joseph Crouch as stated in the affidavits consistently pointed to a birth around 1798 or 1799. OUR Joseph Crouch, on the other hand, married Margaret McCall in 1804, indicating a birth year around 1780 to 1783 or so. Yet even the census records in 1850 and 1870 pointed to a birth around 1799 for pensioner Joseph Crouch.

Then, the pension file made many references to his “first wife” Jerusha DeHart and to the widow Margaret Latimer (Lattimore) applying for a pension after Joseph’s death, but never to Margaret McCall nor any of his (supposed) six or seven children.

Finally, I re-read Levi Crouch’s manuscript (oldest son of Montgomery McCall Crouch) and he said that he had never met his grandfather Joe Crouch, who had remained in Ohio all his life. Meanwhile, the pensioner Joseph Crouch recorded in the Fold3 pension file had moved back and forth between Indiana, Illinois and Iowa, and finally to Montgomery County, Indiana, where he died in 1878.

Obviously, we are looking at two different Joseph Crouches. To think that Pete and I travelled through Montgomery County, Indiana a few years ago and spent hours at the library and visiting cemeteries there to find out more about our Joseph, when this was the WRONG GUY!

I immediately notified our Crouch Family page on Facebook, and changed my Family Tree Maker AND my online tree at Ancestry.com. I had to separate out the facts about these two men named Joseph Crouch, and reattach the records to the appropriate individual.

I then snooped around a bit and saw a tree online that shows our Joseph as the UNCLE of the pensioner Joseph. This tree claims our Joseph’s second wife was named Eliza and they were living in Highland County, Ohio, the same county where our Joseph’s son, Montgomery McCall Crouch was born. Now to flesh out THAT family and search for confirmation that he is OUR Joseph.

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