Setting the record straight – Daniel Wade’s three wives and the DAR records

I was so thrilled and excited to find out yesterday that the supplemental application I prepared for the DAR last year was vetted and approved by their genealogists! To correct the mistake of previous applicants, I had to gather proof documents and lay out my case. Supplementals generally take about ten months to go through the process, so it was great to finally find out yesterday that my argument passed muster! See my original cover letter below:

October 14, 2015

Office of the Registrar General, NSDAR
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
1776 D Street NW
Washington, DC 20006-5303


Enclosed please find my supplemental application under the services of Daniel Wade, #A119673. Although I used the Build-an-App process to begin with, I need to highlight some new information that has come to light in recent years regarding the wives of Daniel Wade.

Prior applications were made using as a resource the Stuart C. Wade book, “The Wade Genealogy,” published in 1900. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens with family genealogy books, errors were made. In regards to Daniel Wade, page 245, only two of his three wives were shown: Elizabeth, who died 4 Dec 1758, and Temperance (no dates given). Temperance was actually his third wife. Wade’s second wife was Magdalena Whitehead. Nowhere does Stuart C. Wade mention the middle wife, Magdalena. As a result, most Wade researchers do not know of her and have posted Temperance as the mother of several of the Wade children, or have carelessly merged Magdalena and Temperance into one person, naming her Magdalena Temperance Whitehead Wade, which is incorrect.

Timothy Whitehead’s 1779 will (Essex Co, NJ) names his daughter Magdalena Wade and his son-in-law Daniel Wade. Daniel Wade’s 1793 will (Essex Co, NJ) gives the name of his wife Temperance.

In 2011, a Whitehead researcher named Travis Whitehead contacted me to inform me that Daniel Wade did indeed marry three times. Travis sent me the image of a page of David Whitehead’s diary listing the five children of Timothy Whitehead, along with their birth and death dates, including my Magdalena (Whitehead) Wade, who died in 1783.

Here is the timeline:

Daniel Wade first married Elizabeth (last name unknown), and they had children. She died in 1758. The Wade children born before 1758 belong to Elizabeth.

Daniel then married his second wife, Magdalena Whitehead, and they had children. Magdalena is mentioned in her father’s 1779 will. She died in 1783 according to her nephew’s diary. The Wade children born between Elizabeth’s death in 1758 and Magdalena’s death in 1783 belong to Magdalena. Daniel and Magdalena’s son Jacob Wade is my ancestor.

Daniel then married his third wife, Temperance (last name unknown), and names her in his will, dated 1793, the year he died. Most likely they did NOT have children together, as Temperance was at least 50 years old when they married sometime after 1783. Her age was figured from burial information: Temperance Wade was buried in the First Presbyterian Church Yard at Newark, Essex Co, NJ. The Genealogical Society of New Jersey file of cemetery records at Alexander Library (Rutgers) show her cemetery record as follows:

Temperance Wade, “the widow” died 5 Feb 1818, aged 86 years and 13 days.
Buried at First Presbyterian Church Yard, Essex NJ, sect. A, lot 58.

The cemetery at the First Presbyterian Church Yard in Newark is now paved over and the headstones no longer exist.

Thank you for allowing me to explain this new information which disagrees with prior applications in the GRS. Of course I am also including the proof documents referenced above.


Leslie Lewis


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